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SSE MBA NSHK Scholarship 2019

The Norsk-Svenska Handelskammaren in Stockholm, together with the Stockholm School of Economics is proud to announce the SSE MBA NSHK Scholarship 2019. Norsk-Svenska Handelskammaren member companies are invited to nominate their top talents for a scholarship to the SSE MBA Executive Format degree program. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of SEK 465.000 + VAT.

The SSE MBA Executive Format is an exclusive degree program delivered in a part-time format, enabling the participants to study while at the same time continuing on their career paths. The program offers participants the knowledge and tools they need to be more complete business leaders and prepares high-potential managers to take broader responsibilities in their organizations in less time.

The winning candidate will benefit the member organization by bringing best practices and state of the art management knowledge back into the business and become a leader who works more effectively throughout the organization with a strategic and holistic understanding of management. Participants who pursue the SSE MBA put their education to work immediately and take what they learn in the classroom one day and apply it in their businesses the next. All SSE MBA participants carry out a series of live projects in their own organizations. ChangeLive is an example of a project that produces measurable value and genuine improvement in the participant’s own company.

The SSE MBA Executive Format program starts in January 2019 and each NSHK member company is encouraged to nominate 1-2 top talents for the scholarship before April 30, 2018. Candidates are ideally high-potential managers working in a member company with a diverse and international background, as well as:

  • an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven record of successful leadership
  • who would benefit from learning about Scandinavian management and building a strong network in the Nordic Region
  • (at least) a Bachelor’s degree, good English proficiency and a minimum of five years relevant work experience

Full details on the nomination process will be sent out via e-mail and available on the NSHK web-site, for more information about the program, please see the SSE MBA brochure or visit


For questions regarding the SSE MBA NSHK Scholarship 2019 or the SSE MBA Executive Format program, please contact:

Karin Wiström, Director SSE MBA, +46 8 586 175 51,
Helena Bergelv, Program Advisor +46 8 586 175 27,